Completing cross border transactions online will require new payment solution and adapting established methods of international trade settlement online. Meetchina is aligned with key partners to bring cutting edge internet-based payment services to companies involved in global trade. Click to Obtain Payment Solutions through:

First Union

Introducing WellsXchange®:

WellsXchange gives you an end-to-end solution for completing key transactions. You’ll gain access to credit and trusted payment solutions tailored for members.WellsXchange lets you:

  • Trade with confidence. You’ll leverage Wells Fargo’s extensive experience.
  • Quickly access financial e-services. With a click of the mouse, conduct business 24 hours daily.
  • Expand your geographic reach. Develop new trade relationships and international presence.

We know the competitive advantages of using the Web to buy and sell. Together, with Wells Fargo, we’re bringing you integrated financial services solutions online.