MeetChina.com, China’s leading trade portal, provides a window for businesses worldwide to efficiently source and procure products directly from China. Founded in 1998, MeetChina.com is a leader in China’s e-commerce explosion and a pioneer in introducing e-commerce to China’s import and export business. MeetChina.com and its members are revolutionizing the way China does business with the world.

For two decades, since China’s open-door policy began to foster international trade with China in 1979, China’s suppliers have been striving to improve the quality and standards of their products. MeetChina.com brings the results of these years of labor directly to the global market, allowing procurement agents, purchasers for retail chains, and overseas buyers to conduct trade with China in a transparent marketplace.

Using the world’s largest online database of Chinese suppliers and products, overseas buyers and trading firms can efficiently source from China through MeetChina.com. Comprehensive information about thousands of Chinese manufacturers and their products, as well as supplier ratings and quality assurance services, allows buyers an array of choices from a broad range of products. Additionally, MeetChina.com’s online international trade specialists moderate communication and negotiation between buyer and supplier, facilitating the trade process.

MeetChina.com also provides an integrated suite of trade services to facilitate transactions online and give buyers a range of choices for post-purchase services. Purchasers can negotiate with multiple suppliers online to get the best quality at the best price, then order services from the world’s best trade facilitation firms, such as SGS for quality assurance, Dun&Bradstreet for financial assurance, and AIG for marine insurance to facilitate the transaction. MeetChina.com streamlines the trade process. Buyers can purchase the services they need from procurement through complete payment and delivery instructions, all through a single online destination.

MeetChina.com’s success has sparked fast-paced growth over the past year, with the company’s staff expanding from less than 20 in January, 1999 to more than 500 people in 13 offices at the turn of the year 2000. Membership has skyrocketed, with hundreds of Chinese suppliers signing on every day, listing thousands of products.

By providing an online infrastructure that brings the elements of the trade process together, MeetChina.com has built the world’s leading professional service for conducting cross-border trade directly with China, boosting profit margins on all sides.